BAC  Sales & Hire is a specialist division of Banarang Aboriginal Corporation.

BAC Sales & Hire has particular expertise in how to structure your Capex and cashflow investments in a way that helps you achieve your NSW Government mandatory requirements while maximizing your profits at the same time.

It’s free to find out the exciting strategies we have uniquely developed to deliver double value to your projects.

Our sales and hire strategies have been employed by companies on major projects and they will work for you.

Trusted on Projects Run by Major Industry and Statutory Bodies including

Get Immediate Delivery Straight to Your Work Sites

  • Work vehicles and utes (both purchase or rental)
  • Employee vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Solar light towers
  • Bio diesel equipment
  • Generators
  • Trucks
  • Attenuators
  • Road Safety Products
  • PPE for Staff and Contractors
  • VMS Boards

We can structure an expert package for you that

  1. Requires minimal cash upfront
  2. Maximises allowable tax deductions
  3. Delivers Aboriginal Participation compliance for your business

Get Your Free Analysis Report Now!

Get a sneak preview of some of the really smart ways that we can structure your project investments.

Learn how to maximize profits while achieving compliance with the mandatory Government requirements

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